• Would you load a tree into your suitcase?

Why are you still loading trees into your aircraft?

squAIR-timber is a new innovative skid system which enables a more efficient way of transporting ULDs. This worldwide unique system is a made in germany lightweight solution for an ecologic and efficient transportation.

It is made of cardboard, manufactured after the carbon-principle which makes it very resistant while being conform with IPPC / ISPM15 guidelines. squAIR-timber has a static load capacity of 10 tons with a net-weight of only 1,2 kg per meter (wood weighs 3kg to 4 kg). They are self-adhesive, reusable skids which can hold up to 5 tons per meter.

All in all, there is a multitude of benefis you can profit from when switching to squAIR-timber. Wether you are an airline, a groundhandler or a forwarder, squAIR-timber is faster, cheaper, more economic and sustainable with 100% recycled and recyclable material.


squAIR-timbers Benefits

squAIR-timber offers a mltitude of benefits profitting your business while being sustainable.


  • 80% lighter - saving 125kg per ULD
  • 15 minutes faster
  • Cheaper to buy
  • IPPC / ISPM15 conform
  • Static load capacity of 10 tons - up to 5 tons per meter
  • Avoid wood disposal costs


  • Raw materials from sustainable sources
  • Resistant to humidity
  • Resistance - pressure, shock and tensile strength of material
  • Multiple use
  • Recyclable


How it works

Here is an example of how this lightweight solution can work.

However, there solutions wil be adapted to individual needs according to every desired (special) size ULD.

More detailed information about this product can be found on squAIR-timber.com.

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