Vision & Mission

Our vision

We are the market leader in ULD management with the largest, most modern fleet of ULDs owned and run.

We strive towards 100% ULD availability for each customer, whenever, wherever, whatever.

We continuously develop our people, our processes, our technologies and our ULD assets to ensure maximal efficiency for our customers. We always do so in close cooperation with customers, manufacturers and other relevant partners.

We take individual responsibility to be and to stay the very best providers in our industry.

We take responsibility and action for the environmental aspects of our business.

We strongly drive forward the topic of ULDs and ULD management to all relevant stakeholders: airlines, organizations such as ULD Care and IATA, the trade, the press and the public.

Our promise

We deliver the very best ULD management for each of our customers.

Our ULD controllers, seasoned airline professionals, are closely integrated into our customer organization at their major hubs for the closest and fastest customer interaction.

A dedicated ULD fleet and smart cross-use (“smart pooling”) of ULDs lead to the most efficient ULD management possible.

Our in-house IT system JettWare is the state-of-the-art solution for ULD management. It supports our controllers in their daily business and is continuously improved.

Our cooperation with manufacturers and other partners leads to significant technical and process innovations in the world of ULD management.

Each of our team is personally dedicated to contribute towards the very best solution for our customers.

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