Customer statements

Lufthansa Cargo

"Lufthansa Cargo is an innovation leader. Therefore, we highly value the innovative potential of Jettainer. They often provide us with valuable new features in ULD hardware and IT. With huge knowledge and expertise, they are second to none when it comes to thinking in new directions. Jettainer has very good relationships with R&D institutions and ULD manufacturers. Combined with their market power, they can really drive changes in ULD hardware and technology. And they do invest a lot in staying ahead of the industry. Current projects include GPS tracking, a big data based system to steer ULDs even more efficient as well as a bunch of projects regarding lighter containers and pallets."

"Jettainer operates a ULD logistic facility at Frankfurt airport. This is the largest and most advanced of its kind. Providing such a one-stop-shopping approach with direct airport access has significant reduced time and cost."

"Being a cargo and passenger airline, we truly experience Jettainer dealing with the manifold interfaces in the full scope of a cargo airline. We never experienced any serious difficulties and a very high ULD availability was always achieved. Jettainer takes ULD management off our shoulders."

Dr. Jan-Wilhelm Breithaupt, VP Global Handling Management at Lufthansa Cargo

American Airlines

“Jettainers team is integrated right into the heart of our cargo department in Dallas and at all our major hubs. This ensures a very close cooperation and superb management of our ULDs. We really experience smooth operations”


"Jettainer manages our ULD fleet for more than 10 years. Their team in Abu Dhabi is working very closely with our cargo operations. Reaction times are much faster than operations through a centralized unis somewhere in the world. Plus, we really established personal contact to the local Jettainer team serving us”

Air Astana

“We have just passed our 10-year anniversary with Jettainer. Being a smaller carrier, we can say we have always been treated with great attention and priority. Jettainer’s team of ULD controllers always walks the extra mile to guarantee 100 percent ULD availability.”

Alexandr Neboga, VP Ground Operations at Air Astana

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