Summary of the press event during the 34th International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin

Berlin, October 26th, 2017


- Carsten Hernig, Managing Director of Jettainer GmbH

- Martin Kraemer, Head of Marketing & PR at Jettainer GmbH

- Marcus Bezold, Global Handling Performance Manager at Lufthansa Cargo AG

Topic 1 – Customers:
Jettainer was proud to announce two new customer airlines in 2017. The sales pipeline remains full with more new accounts to be acquired in the coming year.

Carsten Hernig: "This year, we at Jettainer are recording a stable growth. We have renewed contracts with existing customers, like Etihad or Lufthansa Cargo. Furthermore, we were able to acquire two new customers with Brussels Airlines and Oman Air Cargo. However, new customers are not the only ones to help us to grow: our existing customers are also very important. We estimate that the market will increase in the next years due to the growing confidence of airlines in outsourcing ULDs. So we are well prepared with our business model."

Martin Kraemer: "We are pleased that we were successful in acquiring Oman Air Cargo and Brussels Airlines as new customers. Both are important to us. With Brussels Airlines, we can now extend our regional network, since they also operate in Africa, where we did not operate before. In addition, Oman Air is a very successful and rapidly growing global airline from the Middle East. Especially due to further innovations, the airline is very interesting."

Topic 2 – Innovations:
Jettainer remains in top notch position when it comes to innovations. In 2017, Jettainer was presented with an array of innovation awards for the artificial intelligence based "decision support system".
Furthermore, the field of ULD development was further. Jettainer continued to make use of an array of collaborations, e.g. with the University of Cologne and LH Industry Solutions.

Carsten Hernig: "Together with our customer Etihad Airlines, we tested our new smart ULDs. The tests showed us that our data is accurate. However, the increase of the data’s accuracy is not as high as we estimated, since it was already quite accurate before we even introduced the tracking solution. This led us to the conclusion that we should not only concentrate on geo-tracking, but also on tracing. That is why we are now working with Lufthansa Industry Solutions on a device that is tailored to the individual needs of our customers."

Martin Kraemer: "We are pleased that our innovative software is now available on the market. The system will automatically be used for every new customer airline. Our recognition at various Innovation awards underlines the high value of the project. Together with the University of Cologne, we will further develop the system."

Topic 3 – Products:
Recently, at the ULD care and air cargo handling conference in Budapest, Jettainer launched their new service "Cool Management", a dedicated service for temperature-sensitive ULDs. Jettainer explained the reasons behind the creation of this new service. In addition, their first customer for this new service has been announced: Lufthansa Cargo will give the management of their temperature-sensitive ULDs into Jettainer’s hands from 1 December. A "Center of Excellence" will be set up in Abu Dhabi, so that all existing customers’ Cool Management activities, as well as those of future customers, can be handled by one team of experts, which will create additional synergies. Marcus Bezold, from LH cargo, highlighted the benefits of this new service.

Marcus Bezold: "We are confident about Jettainer’s work since we already know its IT solution JettWare. With Jettainer’s Cool Management service, the downtimes of our cool ULDs should be minimized and we also aim to reduce costs. Since we already know Jettainer’s excellent work, we have a zero tolerance policy with Jettainer due to the valuable products in the cool containers, like pharmaceuticals. Jettainer’s management and maintenance of our ULDs will not only improve our performance, but also prevent reputational damages to our customers because of unintentional delays or non-availability of the ULDs."

Carsten Hernig: "We have implemented the Cool Management at the express request of our customers. Temperature-sensitive goods, like pharmaceuticals, need highly specialized containers. The management of these expensive containers is a complex part of the ULD management. Mistakes could cause massive financial losses and reputational damages. However, the airlines have a demand for cool management. Therefore, we have developed the Center of Expertise in Abu Dhabi, where the specialized knowledge concerning cool ULDs is focused. Due to the increasing market for pharmaceuticals, we are optimistic about further developing the Cool Management service in future."

Martin Kraemer: "The efficient management of ULDs is only the tip of the iceberg. The main aspect is the reputation of the airlines, which can be easily damaged when errors occur during the handling of temperature-sensitive goods. We at Jettainer have a great responsibility and we will continue to develop the service with all our effort in order to provide the best service with the highest quality to our customers."

Topic 4 – Outlook:
Market and Jettainer growth will stay excellent. Jettainer will continue to travel along a healthy growth path.

Carsten Hernig: "The market will grow further in the coming years. Especially Asia is a growing market with a high potential. However, entering the market is not our most important goal. For us, it is more important to increase our network and to strengthen our stable growth with new customers as well as with existing ones."

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