Summary of the press event during the 35th International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin

Berlin, October 19th, 2019


- Carsten Hernig, Managing Director of Jettainer GmbH

- Martin Kraemer, Head of Marketing & PR at Jettainer GmbH

- Andreas Langemann, Managing Director of trilatec GmbH

Topic 1 – General Business Development

Jettainer announced a stable growth for 2018. Due to the strong growth in the cargo business, airlines on the one hand did not have time to deal with ULD outsourcing. For this reason, Jettainer focused on renewing existing customer contracts. On the other hand, airlines needed containers as quickly as possible and Jettainer's leasing business was in high demand. The sales pipeline remains full with further new accounts to be acquired in the coming year.

Carsten Hernig: "This year, we at Jettainer are recording a stable growth. Furthermore, we have renewed contracts with existing customers, like American Airlines or Lufthansa Cargo. Due to the increased container demand, our leasing service was very well received by the industry. We estimate that the market will increase in the next years due to increasing fuel prices or sanctions through various trade wars.

Topic 2 – JettLease

In 2012, Jettainer launched a global short-term leasing service for ULD emergencies with JettLease. In 2018, the demand for the service increased disproportionately because of an increasing demand for freight capacities.

Martin Kraemer: "This year, demand for freight capacities increased very strongly. For this reason more containers have to be booked. As a result, we were able to grow by 100 percent in the JettLease segment, so that we were already able to achieve a higher turnover in the first three quarters than last year. Especially our leasing service for special ULDs, like the transport boxes for horses or cars, was very successful. It has therefore paid off to identify niche markets and serve them."

Topic 3 – Cool Management

Jettainer launched their new service "Cool Management" in 2017, a dedicated service for temperature-sensitive ULDs. After the start with the first customer, Lufthansa Cargo, Jettainer draws a positive balance.

Carsten Hernig: "We have implemented the Cool Management at the express request of our customers because temperature-sensitive goods, like pharmaceuticals, need highly specialized containers. Since the transport of temperature-sensitive goods via air freight requires precise planning and implementation, the management of these expensive containers is a complex part off the ULD management. Mistakes could cause massive financial losses and reputational damages. Since growth Für Rückfragen und weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte an: Jettainer GmbH Medienbüro am Reichstag GmbH Martin Kraemer Stefan Hensel Head of Marketing & PR PR contact for Jettainer m Prime Parc 17, 65479 Raunheim Reinhardtstrasse 55, 10117 Berlin Phone: +49 6142 1770374 Phone: +49 30 2061413037

is stronger for temperature-sensitive transports than for normal transports in air freight, the demand for our cool management service increases as well. After the successful start with our first customer, Lufthansa Cargo, we are currently developing a tailored solution for the second customer."

Topic 4 – Innovations/ULD Black Box:

Jettainer remains in an excellent position when it comes to innovations. This year, Jettainer has started testing its enhanced digital container equipped with the ULD black box. Together with IT experts from Lufthansa Industry Solutions, the company has revised the original device, which focused on geolocation, and equipped it with new functions. The focus is now on determining damage incidents, as the advantages are greater than with the first development of the device.

Martin Kraemer: "This year, the topic of innovation was one of our main focus topics. With our long-term partnerships, like the University of Cologne or Lufthansa Industry Solutions, we strive not only to talk about innovations, but also to actually realize them. As the market leader, we have a responsibility to actively advance industry through innovation. For this reason, we are continuously developing our in-house IT solution JettWare or our warehousing software. In addition, we have revised our digital container with Lufthansa Industry Solutions."

Carsten Hernig: "The technical possibilities of the digital container enable us to reduce the time and financial expenditure for repair measures. With our 100,000 units in use worldwide, this has enormous potential. At the same time, the new device also increases our ability to identify the originators of the damage. And that will certainly lead to motivate people to implement a more responsible handling of the ULDs."

Topic 3 – trilatec:

Jettainer is proud to announce a new sales partnership for trilatec’s squAIR-timber. The German Start-up has developed innovative "paper beams", that are made of a special cardboard fibre composite material based on the carbon principle. They are up to 80 percent lighter than conventional wooden planks, without sacrificing load-bearing capacity.

Andreas Langemann: "The system has a twofold advantage: On the one hand, squAIR-timber provides a tremendous advantage in costs and weight for the airlines. On the other hand, handling agencies are benefitting from the time saved when assembling the ultramodern transport system. Initial experiences with airlines have shown that squAIR-timber can save 1,200 tons a year. The material is very robust, so that it can be used up to 20 times. Furthermore, disposal of the new material can be carried out in an environmentally friendly way, using a paper recycling facility."

Andreas Langemann: "Jettainer is the leading contact for airlines when it comes to ULDs and stands for reliability as well as innovation. The cooperation on the sales side for our product squAIR-timber offers us ideal access to airlines worldwide. It is a great advantage that addressing potential customers Für Rückfragen und weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte an: Jettainer GmbH Medienbüro am Reichstag GmbH Martin Kraemer Stefan Hensel Head of Marketing & PR PR contact for Jettainer m Prime Parc 17, 65479 Raunheim Reinhardtstrasse 55, 10117 Berlin Phone: +49 6142 1770374 Phone: +49 30 2061413037

through or together with Jettainer enables us to place our topic with exactly the right contacts within the airlines and the industry worldwide."

Martin Kraemer: "The innovative system has immediately convinced us with its approach that increases both efficiency and environmental compatibility. Through the partnership with trilatec, we are expanding our portfolio and emphasizing that Jettainer integrates innovative solutions into the core area of ULD management as well as into related services and products. This enables us to continuously increase the efficiency on the customer side."

Carsten Hernig: "Trilatec shows how you can develop great things with quite simple means. As an innovation-driven company, Jettainer likes to support Start-up companies with simple but efficient inventions."

Topic 4 – Outlook:

Jettainer will continue to venture along a healthy growth path. In 2019, Jettainer would like to concentrate on the modularization of its service portfolio.

Carsten Hernig: "The market will grow further in the coming years. We are currently in talks with various potential new customers. However, it is important to increase our network and to strengthen our stable growth with new customers as well as with existing ones."

Martin Kraemer: "Over the years, our product range has developed more and more. At the same time, customer requirements have also increased. Therefore, we will concentrate in 2019 on the modularization of our service portfolio in order to adapt our products to the requirements of our customers. Of course, we will also continue to drive innovation forward in 2019."

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