Jettainer and trilatec enter sales partnership for squAIR-timber

Frankfurt / Berlin, October 22nd, 2018

In the future, lightweight elements made of recycled paper will replace a large proportion of the wooden planks previously used for weight distribution on air freight pallets. With squAIR-timber, German start-up trilatec has developed a revolutionary system which will be marketed together with Jettainer, the leading international service partner for outsourced unit load device (ULD) management. This partnership was announced by both companies at the 35th International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin.

The innovative "paper beams" are made of a special cardboard fiber composite material based on the carbon principle and are up to 80 percent lighter than conventional wooden planks, without sacrificing load-bearing capacity. One meter of the material with a net weight of only 1.2 kilograms carries up to 5 tons of cargo. Net weight of a traditionally uses wooden plank is 3-4 kilograms per meter. In addition, squAIR-timber consists of 100 percent recycled material, is inexpensive and can even be disposed of alongside regular paper waste without any problems.

"The innovative system has immediately convinced us with its approach that increases both efficiency and environmental compatibility. Through the partnership with trilatec, we are expanding our portfolio and emphasizing that Jettainer integrates innovative solutions into the core area of ULD management as well as into related services and products. This enables us to continuously increase the efficiency on the customer side," said Martin Kraemer, Head of Marketing & PR at Jettainer, in Berlin.

"Jettainer is the leading contact for airlines when it comes to ULDs and stands for reliability as well as innovation. The cooperation on the sales side for our product squAIR-timber offers us ideal access to airlines worldwide. It is a great advantage that addressing potential customers through or together with Jettainer enables us to place our topic with exactly the right contacts within the airlines," added Andreas Langemann, Managing Director of trilatec GmbH.

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