Our Offices

24/7 service around the clock - wherever, whatever, whenever!

Jettainers ULD steering mechanism is based on a systematic that does not necessarily need a 24/7 operation. Nevertheless, when required by a customer or necessary by means of business, Jettainer can install a 24/7 service on location or via a smooth cooperation of our teams spread over the globe. So you will have a touchpoint available around the clock.

Jettainers ULD management systematic is based on standard, minimum and maximum ULD stock at all airport locations of our customers. Teams can be implanted directly at the customer’s operations at all hubs. This way, Jettainer ensures shortest ways of communication and fastest action whenever required. No centralized approach, no call center solution, can ever beat this!

In addition, our smart-pooling approach will provide additional peace of mind. ULDs are all organized in dedicated customer fleets. Should there occur an emergency at one location, the ULD of one fleet can be ad hoc transferred to another fleet.

Offices are currently located at: LAX, NYC, MIA, ORD, DFW, MIL, ROM, ZRH, DUS, FRA, AUH, BOM

At any time of the day, a Jettainer office is open and available!

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