cool&fly – a unique management service for temperature controlled containers


After months of uncertainty all across the world, we are happy to finally see a much-needed ray of hope with the first positive test results for Covid-19 vaccines. However, the prompt distribution of these vaccines will require some, if not all, of the solutions listed below for cool ULDs:

  • Secured supply of cool ULDs despite imbalances in supply and demand and capacity constraints
  • Monitoring and traceability of your zero-tolerance product
  • A single point of contact for hassle-free operation
  • Optimization of revenue potential for your temperature controlled product

Jettainer has prepared extensively to deliver all of the above – and more. We can confidently say –yes, we are ready to support you.Our expertise in temperature-sensitive ULD management has been bundled at our cool competence center in the Middle East for several years now. Last year alone, we managed around 12.000 cool ULDs for our customers. The team has now been further resourced and strengthened to meet the expected demands of customers and the market.

Therefore – with our new product cool&fly - you can count on us:

  • Dedicated temperature control competence center
  • 24/7/365 active steering, monitoring & intervention as and where necessary
  • Global network synergies and market-leading IT for optimized positioning
  • Secured supply and increased availability of cool ULDs
  • Complete transparency for your ULDs throughout the entire supply chain
  • Single point of contact: There’s no need to contact each lease provider, that´s our job
  • Optimized lease trip and significant demurrage cost reduction


We are here to help and support you during these challenging and uncertain times. Our extensive network provides a competitive advantage that you will benefit from in form of efficient positioning and a balanced flow of the limited number of cool ULDs.

So, please reach out to or get in touch with our sales colleagues, if you think you might have a need for this service. We are ready and able to support and add value to the industry’s ‘cool journey’. We look forward to hearing from you, understanding your needs and doing our bit to facilitate an efficient vaccine distribution chain.

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Ready for vaccine transport – but worried about cool ULD supply?

With our new product cool&fly - you can count on us






cool&fly - secured supply and increased utilization of cool ULDs

Your perfect team partner with long standing experience in cool ULD management

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