Operational & efficiency aspects

Dedicated ULD fleet for each customer

Unlike traditional pooling providers, we at Jettainer put our customers first.
Rather than adding all our units into one big pool, we steer each customer airline individually.

Select exactly the type of ULDs you like. We built your fleet exactly according to your needs, selecting ULDs from different manufacturers, of different weights and technical components. This way, each airline gets the ULD fleet that perfectly suits the technical requirements. A cargo airline might want to use a different lightweight container than a low cost carrier with plenty of passenger baggage.

You get a dedicated ULD fleet. Each ULD carries your airline logo as a clear denominator. This way, ULDs can always be clearly assigned to a carrier, a warehouse or ground handling provider at each airport. This will reduce abundant units using space in warehouses or causing trouble at airports.

ULD steering logic

Your ULD fleet is steered based on pre-calculated optimal stock-level at each and every airport. Over- and understocks will be dealt with by our experienced ULD controllers long before they can cause any trouble. Therefore, you can rest assured that you always have sufficient ULDs at anytime, anywhere.

Smart Pooling

Who will get the very last ULD at an airport, if everyone wants it? This question we can’t answer and we don’t have to! Your individual fleet of ULDs is controlled and monitored by an experienced ULD controller. In the unlikely event your stock runs empty on an unforeseen event, your controller will take a ULD from another airline’s fleet to support you. After the flight, the unit will then be re-assigned to its original fleet. This is smart and that’s why we call it “smart pooling”.

Ground handling support

ULDs should me mostly in the air. On the ground, they also require attention. This is provided through your contracted ground handling agents at each and every airport. In order to make processes smoother and prevent operational hick-ups, Jettainer invented the “Ground handling Supervisor”. A dedicated Jettainer staff supporting all ground operation matters directly at your warehouse. From operational ad-hoc challenges to damage prevention, this is our “joker” right at the heart of your operations.



We can plan ahead very well. But even with the best planning, there might occur unforeseen events, like extra flights, charters and extreme peaks. All meaning good business for you. To support you even in these ad-hoc occasions, JettLease, our short-term leasing service, can support you with standard or special ULD types on short notice. This way, the 50 high value polo ponies can smoothly go to South America and the 3 Ferraris will sure fly to Dubai.

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