Facts & Figures

This is Jettainer!

We are the global market leader in outsourcing solutions for ULD management. Owning the largest global fleet of ULDs and running the largest global station network, Jettainer is the oldest, best established and most experienced ULD management firm in the market, with stable and unchanged ownership. Our mother company, a global cargo airline, provides a solid background in the market and enables Jettainer to be perfectly settled in a true, air cargo and airline background. Our customers will always talk to dedicated, full-blooded airline professionals. Our background enables us to perfectly understand the airline, cargo and logistics industries like no other in this market.

In a nutshell, these are the basic facts about Jettainer:

World leader in outsourced ULD management solutions

World's largest fleet of about 100.000 ULDs

Station network of 500 airports around the globe

25 airlines served with full ULD management

More than 80 customers served with JettLease

A team of 80 highly dedicated air-cargo professionals

ULD steerers implanted into cargo department at hubs

We offer the entire ULD supply chain & logistics

Network of 25 certified repair shops around the globe

Part of the Lufthansa Group

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