Financial Aspects

Outsourcing can have manifold reasons. Freeing your ULD assets off your balance sheet to use the money in a better way, enhance operational stability and reach top ULD availability, improve ground processes in regards to your ULD management, are just a view. The one everybody has in common is cost reduction.

Jettainer, as a rule of thumb, will reduce ULD related cost by about 20%. This value varies according to your current and future ULD fleet, actual level of ULD management sophistication and many other factors. You have to talk to Jettainer experts for a concrete offer and a calculation of a target ULD fleet. A customer questionnaire helps to gather all relevant data, making target fleet calculation a snap for our experts.

Most important financially: Our customer will get all savings right from the very first day of Jettainer service. In case you opt for a full ULD management solution, where Jettainer takes over your entire current ULD fleet (no matter if we will later use it), a significant one-off payment will be provided by Jettainer for your former ULDs.

Financially, there are many advantages:

  • No capital bound in ULDs any longer
  • Jettainer charges one all-in fee per ULD, including the asset itself, repair, positioning and replacement at the end og the life cycle.
  • Turning fixed cost into flexible cost
  • Generating significant savings
  • Providing a significant one off payment for your current ULD fleet
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