Jettainer is the innovation leader in the industry and will always strive to be second to none when it comes to ULDs, processes and fleet steering.

As the owner of the biggest ULD fleet worldwide, Jettainer works very closely with all ULD manufacturers worldwide. This enables us to jointly improve ULDs. Our expertise and know how is being integrated into new series of ULDs by our manufacturers. And as we own so many of them, we clearly see what works and what doesn’t, quicker than any individual airline ever could.

Further to that, Jettainer has partnered with a number of high class independent R&D facilities. Reputable institutions such as German Fraunhofer Gesellschaft or top universities join us to search for new materials, new technologies and new ways of even better & more efficiently steer ULDs. Projects include a big data / artificial-intelligence based steering tool, and “intelligent” container that monitors and reports geolocation, shocks, temperature and other relevant date, ULD tracking & tracing technologies as well as new lighter materials for containers and pallets.

What’s in for you? Each time Jettainer can improve process, material or performance, your used ULD fleet can be further reduced and steered more efficiently. In the end, that means more cost savings. A contract with Jettainer is therefore only the beginning of a successful partnership.

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