Modular services

Pick what you need - pay what you pick!

Jettainers services are built in a modular way. Each customer can pick from the following categories.

  • IT solutions: JettWare, JettWare mobile (on JettPad or smartphone), management cockpit
  • Assets: Keep own ULD fleet or transfer all ULDs to Jettainer. Roll-in new, lightweight ULDs
  • Managing ULDs: Active ULD fleet steering, with dedicated ULD controllers implanted into customer organization or at a Jettainer location, ground handling support agents at customer warehouses
  • Repair & damage Prevention: ULD repair at certified repair partners throughout the globe, damage prevention programs implemented into customer’s team, damage prevention directly on ULDs

The result is a ULD management fully customized. From individual supporting solutions, ULD management with the airline still owning the assets to a full ULD management solution. Possibilities are as manifold as the needs of our customers.

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