plug &fly has specifically been developed for small and mid-sized airlines with ULD fleets of up to 2000 ULDs. Being an entry product for ULD management, it is a quick and easy way for these airlines to optimize their cost position.

Whereas the assets remain in customer property, the Jettainer ULD management approach allows to optimise the ULD fleet by 15%, resulting in immediate cost savings for the customer.

These savings come in addition to reduced costs for airlines´ own IT and coordination efforts, which are typically incurred with inhouse solutions. Same as with the full ULD management, the customer also benefits from the integrated Jettainer IT solution as well as inherent synergies in ULD positioning.

The easy-to-implement solution goes along with a very simple flat-rate pricing model allowing for a high degree of flexibility and full cost transparency from the very first day and throughout the whole time of the partnership.

Key customer benefits:

  • Substantial cost saving
  • Operational stability
  • Network synergies
  • Hassel-free onboarding
  • Economic pricing
  • Maintain control of assets


What features does plug&fly offer compared to our full-service ULD solution?

plug&fly comprises several features of our full-service solution, namely those exactly needed by the target group. The customers will benefit in the same way from significant network synergies and full operational stability due to our cross-utilization and SMART-pooling approach to counter imbalances and avoid bottlenecks. We ensure full connectivity between the customers’ and our integrated IT solution, thus providing real-time and reliable station inventory, highest data quality and ULD traceability and visibility.  

In order to make plug&fly seamless to implement, the assets remain the customer's property. ULD maintenance and repair are not included, either, to make the service as lean as possible. Our global teams steer and position the ULDs during normal business hours.  

In essence plug&fly takes the hassle of ULD management away from the customer allowing them to focus on their core business.  


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Check out our press release on plug&fly!


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