Reasons to outsource

There are many reasons to let Jettainer provide you with world class ULD management. One might be the simple fact of cost efficiency potential in your current system. When taking over your ULD management, Jettainer will need roughly 20% less ULDs than before. This results in instant benefits for our customer.

Furthermore, Jettainer is offering to take over all ULD assets from the existing fleet. Free from these assets, you can use the money where it makes more sense in your organization.

Take ULDs off your balance sheet, invest the money more fruitful

ULD management is the last low hanging fruit on the tree of cost savings. Pick it!

Modernize your ULD fleet. Lightweight units save fuel and CO2

Profit from our scaling effects, vast expertise, top IT systems, global network & expert team

Benefit from ongoing innovations in ULD hardware, our IT systems, ground services and ULD management processes

Take an average of 20 percent off your current ULD related costs

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